Sunday, March 6, 2011

Exam (2009)

Exam was a fun mindfuck of a movie.  8 individuals are given the chance of a lifetime.  They've jumped through several hoops, and now they're at the last stage of an interview process for their dream job.  They are placed in a room with 8 blank sheets of paper, and several instructions.  Basically, they have 80 minutes to answer one question, without being disqualified.

The participants immediately go to work trying to find the question, which they think to be hidden somewhere in the blank pages.  They smash a bunch of lights, set off sprinklers, and even pee on the pages before they realize that they are doing things all wrong.  As the time remaining dwindles, new information comes to light, which causes the participants to turn on each other. 

As it turns out, everyone ended up at this stage in a different way.  Some were headhunted, some applied directly, and some expressed interest from inside the company.  Therefore, some people are aware of the job they're actually applying for, while some are still in the dark.  This is important as the company in question is the manufacturer of a virus suppressant for a global pandemic. 

With time running out and the question still a mystery, who will get the job, or even live through the exam?

This movie was fast-paced and exciting, and I really did like the ending.  The acting was good and the plot really kept me guessing.  I would definitely recommend Exam.  Nice job, Brits.