Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stag Night (2008)

I apologize to everyone in advance, but I reviewed this movie as a New Yorker.  I try not to review New York City-based movies from the perspective of the all-knowing bitter cynic that I've become, but it's hard.  Oh so hard.  Especially when the men in this movie identify themselves as being "somewhere downtown," then enter the Bedford Avenue L Station (in Brooklyn, by the way) and then get on a 7 train, which runs from Flushing, Queens to Times Square.  I'm aware that most viewers won't recognize these mistakes, but what happened to continuity, dammit?

The basic premise of this movie is a group of men are out at a bachelor party.  A particularly rowdy member of the group starts a fight at the strip club and they are promptly ejected.  Another encourages the group to board the subway and head uptown to another spot.  When on the train, they encounter two attractive women and start hitting on them.  When one of the women gets annoyed with the flirtation, she whips out the pepper spray and forces the subway doors open, right into an abandoned station.  Now, I'm 99 percent sure that you cannot force the doors open on the subway in NYC, so this little plot point fell pretty flat for me.  Also, there are very few abandoned stations that the subway physically runs through anymore, so that's another thing.

Anyway, both the interior of the subway car and the station they end up in are highly unrecognizable.  This is because the majority of this movie was filmed in Sofia, Bulgaria, which looks absolutely nothing like NYC, or it's transit system.  As the group tries to get out of the locked station, by using the tunnels, they encounter cannibals and angry dogs, all of whom are living underground with electricity and television.  The camera work is horrendous, and all of the action is Blair Witch-style shaky.  I really didn't care about any of these characters, who were really too stupid for their own good and didn't have a shred of common sense amongst them.

If you want a good subway-themed thriller, check out Creep from the UK.  That one wasn't perfect either, but it was a hell of a lot better than Stag Night.