Monday, February 21, 2011

Movie News: Rob Zombie's T-Rex is pretty much dead in the water

This week, Rob Zombie has been in the UK, and he has been talking movie projects, both failed and upcoming.  He's moving full speed ahead with Lords of Salem and he has completely dropped H3 and The Blob remake.  Unfortunately, this also seems to be the demise of Tyrannosaurus Rex.  

Originally slated to be released in 2009, here was what the plot was supposed to be, based loosely on a Zombie/Steve Niles comic collaboration, The Nail.

"Hunted in one of the most desolate regions of America, preyed upon by an evil that does not sleep, Rex Hauser is The Nail - and it's time he took a stand. A semi-pro wrestler, Hauser has been touring the country performing at small-time arenas until the fateful night he and his family run afoul of a bloodthirsty gang of Satanic bikers stalking the North Dakota Badlands. Now he's a lone man fighting for the survival of his loved ones in a no-holds-barred standoff against the forces of Hell itself! Co-written by the newly formed CREEP International writing team of modern horror masters Rob Zombie and Steve Niles, The Nail is a relentless, unflinching portrait of the heart of darkness, and what one man will sacrifice to hold it at bay." (source)

In a recent interview, Rob stated that "Tyrannosaurus Rex is another project he'd still like to do as well." (source)  However, rumor has it that Rob was supposed to do The Blob in order to get the backing he needed for T-Rex.  Although the script seems to be nearly complete (or actually complete), it looks like this one isn't happening anytime soon.