Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Movie News: Rob Zombie Starts a Film Blog

I follow Rob Zombie's blog...kinda.  Honestly, it's a pain to load because of the 23048904 huge pictures at the top before you even get to the latest post.  And typically the posts are just pictures from his latest concert or whatever, which is cool, but does not affect me in the realm of horror movies.

However, Twitter notified me today that Rob Zombie has a blog specifically for movies.  Yay!  The address is and right now there are only three posts, all of which I believe are video.  The design is still a pain in the ass though.  Who the F is rob's web designer?  I'm viewing it on IE on a PC right, now so I'll hold my tongue a bit until I can get home and check it out on Firefox on my MacBook Pro.

No cool content yet, but I'll definitely be following this one, especially for updates on Lords of Salem.

Update: I viewed this website on Firefox and it is still no bueno.  The layout sucks, in my opinion, but I'll be looking forward to some good posts :o)


Maynard Morrissey said...

Bravo - finally someone who actually likes this movie. There are so many Case-39-haters out there, it's incredible