Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hit and Run (2007)

In case you didn't get enough drunken car accident revenge in I Know What You Did Last Summer, then I have just the movie for you.  Hit and Run is about a girl, Mary (Laura Breckenridge) who goes out to the bar with her friends, is "really exhausted" and drives an inordinate amount of time back to her house.  It's hard to sit through the first 15 minutes of this movie, because it consists of a Jersey girl taking shots, driving a Jeep, singing along to Modest Mouse, and making herself throw up.

Butttt, stick it out and you'll see that she swerves to miss a box in the road and hits a guy instead.  Somehow he stays under her car all the way back to her house, and she gets in bed with her teddy bear before she hears his cries for help.  She seemingly attempts to help, but doesn't call 911 and beats dude senseless when he grabs her leg.

Much like her tipsy counterparts before her, she hastily buries the body and tries to get on with her life.  She hits a tree repeatedly in order to cover up the bumper damage and scrubs the garage floor clean of the buckets of blood.  She almost immediately confesses to her boy-toy and she obviously not cut out for the whole killing and burying and never talking about it thing.

So as we know, people die in car crashes every day, but not in horror movies where they get buried or drowned or whatever and always live.  Mary begins to be stalked by her bipolar killer, who doesn't just send her notes and chase her around a beauty pageant, but has bigger plans.  The guy is seriously creepy and has some weird intentions and songs to sing as he goes about his little torture games.

This movie was decent.  I wouldn't put it up there with I Know What You Did... because I have a special love for that movie and all the teenage horror that came out in that era.  But this was a pretty good flick, except the ending was soooo freakin' dumb.  Worth a watch, but I'm glad I didn't grab it from Best Buy when it was on sale for $10.  Netflix instant, FTW.

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