Friday, January 21, 2011

Buried (2010)

I am a claustrophic individual and this movie pretty much gave me a panic attack.  I was a little wary going into a movie that is pretty much 90 minutes of one person.  I mean Ryan Reynolds is smokin' hot but I didn't know if I wanted to hear him whine and yell in a box for that long.

However, I was pleasantly surprised to find this movie was a fast-paced little thriller.  Basically, Buried is the story of an American truck driver (Paul Conroy) who is contracted to work in Iraq.  He knows the dangers of the job, but is desperate for money to support his family.  One day, his convoy gets attacked, and he ends up buried alive by insurgents/terrorists/criminals/whatever.  It's not much of a spoiler that he ends up being trapped in the box with a phone, so I don't feel bad including the above picture.

The people call on the phone to demand $5 million by 9pm, or Paul is going to be left to rot in his coffin.  This movie is really irritating at first because everyone he calls for help on this phone are pretty much the most annoying and unhelpful human beings on the Earth.  You would think that a movie full of someone calling different people from underground would be boring, but the script kept it exciting.

Ryan Reynolds isn't going to win an Oscar or anything for this flick, but I think he handled this role really well.  The angles and cinemotography was great and really makes you feel trapped even just watching it.  The end was pretty jarring and the whole thing gave me the willies.  I thought this was a good movie.  I recommend it.

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Lori said...

We just watched this movie last night. Even though Ryan was very good in this role, and it was an unusual concept for a movie (one person in one spot for the whole movie), I got a little bored but continued watching just to see how it ended.

HorrO said...

I pretty much agree with everything you said in your conclusion. I enjoyed the movie more than I thought I would even though it was kind of depressing. Loved the Sea World comment.