Monday, December 20, 2010

Last of the Living (2008)

This is one seriously random-ass zombie movie.  I see it getting compared to Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland and I guess you could say this is a low-budget vaguely reminiscent version of one of those.

Last of the Living comes to us from New Zealand, where they claim to have made 90 percent of the flick for $5K, before receiving an additional $40K after posting a trailer on You Tube.  I wouldn't actually have a hard time believing that because this movie is pretty much what you'd get if a bunch of your friends together, drank some beers and made a zombie movie.

Last of the Living is about three friends (Morgan, Ash and Johnny) riding it out after the zombie apocalypse.  The demise itself is not really explained, but it seemed that these three survived amidst an urban wasteland.  Their days appear pretty simple.  They hang around the house, drink booze, watch TV and occasionally leave to go into town and kill some zombies.  They make random stupid decisions like stopping into a music shop while being chased by zombies in order to see if an album got released.

On one of their outings, they come across a sexy scientist trying to protect her dad.  As it turns out, they think they have the cure to the zombie plague, and they just need to get it to a testing facility on a nearby island.  The guys would really rather sit on the couch and drink beer than haul ass to some testing facility, but they decide to go along with it and try to save the world.

This movie was definitely low-budget but it was amusing for zombie fans.  The zombie kills were gory and sometimes funny.  This wasn't perfect but it was definitely an enjoyable movie.  Fun to watch.