Sunday, November 21, 2010

Random: STFU, Jennifer Aniston.

I was watching Leprechaun over Halloween, which got me thinking about Jennifer Aniston.  Leprechaun was her movie-acting debut in 1993.  From then on, she's expressed nothing but embarrassment regarding her role in the cult horror classic.

Nothing bugs me more than when actors act all ashamed and "what was I thinking" about their beginnings in horror.  I happen to like Leprechaun and I think that most of what Jennifer Aniston has done recently on the big screen are steaming piles of crap as compared to her being chased around a farm by Warwick Davis.

And as it turns out, I'm not the only one that thinks this way.  If you head over to Rotten Tomatoes you will see something quite amusing.  While Leprechaun has a rating of 30%, let's check out some of JA's more mainstream flicks:

  • The Bounty Hunter - 8%
  • Love Happens - 17%
  • Rumor Has It - 20%
  • Derailed - 20%
  • Along Came Polly - 26%
  • Til There Was You - 7%
So my conclusion to this is STFU, Jennifer Aniston.  Rotten Tomatoes has 22 movies of you rated, six of which are rated below Leprechaun, and several others that are rated pretty close. (Such as The Break Up at 33%)  Maybe you should embrace your horror roots and maybe even think about making a bloody comeback.  I don't think these rom-com roles are really doing you too many favors as it is.


Liam Underwood said...

It's awesome to see some appreciation for Leprechaun!! Vastly underrated movie.

It bugs me too when actors try to shirk their horror beginnings - there's no use being ashamed.

Have you seen any of the Leprechaun sequels?