Monday, October 11, 2010

Random: New York Comic Con Day 2

Bruce Campbell was at the Comic-Con but he was charging $40 for autographs.  I love ya, Ash, but $40?  Come on.  So instead, I stood sort of near him and took a photo.  He looks much older than you would think.

Day 2 of NYCC was quite eventful.  We were running very late in the morning and were pretty sure that we were going to miss the Lost Boys/Corey Feldman panel.  However, once again, I misjudged the demographic of this event, and they didn't even fill the room for Edgar Frog himself.  No worries though, because I was excited to see Corey Feldman and get a peek at the new Lost Boys sequel.

If you guessed that Corey would show up dressed like Michael Jackson, with Jersey Shore style shades, you would be correct.

Here's a bit of a better picture:

Corey Feldman was actually a LOT funnier that I thought he would be.  He's very good at laughing at himself, admitting that he's made some mistakes along the way and that Lost Boys: The Tribe was just plain awful.  He also talked a lot about Corey Haim, which was touching, and they even showed a clip of the two Coreys together in the original Lost Boys.  We got treated to tons of clips from Lost Boys: The Thirst and although it looks relatively cheesy, I'm still going to check it out.  I have tons of video from this panel that I will post at another time.

Next up, we hit the exhibition floor running.  I saw a lot of the same horror stuff I had seen the previous day but it was good to check it out again.  Snagged a couple of horror posters that I had missed on Friday, and checked out some cool costumes, comics, and anime craziness.

The most disappointing part of the day was the Saw signing.  Got there at about 1:15 for the 2pm signing.  We were about 100 people back in line, and I should have known this was going to be a shitshow because absolutely no one was managing the line.  It moved at a glacial pace for the next nearly two hours until we finally reached the front around 3pm.  We watched NYCC volunteers establish a cutoff point about 30 people behind us.  Sweet, we were in.  Until, without warning, when we were TWO PEOPLE from the front, they announced the signing was over.  WTF?!  We got signed posters (not personalized, of course) as a "consolation" but everyone was pretty bummed at that point.  They really should have established the cutoff point earlier so we didn't waste time.  Also, I missed the MTV horror panel to deal with that nonsense.

We checked out Bruce Campbell and walked around Artist Alley for most of the rest of the day.  We stopped back to the Walking Dead setup to see if there were any giveaways or fun stuff, but it was still just the badass banner and comics for sale.  Boooo.

All in all, a fun experience.   Stay tuned for my "tips for attending NYCC" and more in-depth posts on Inkubus and Infected.