Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Random: A Helpful Guide for Googlers

People get to this site by searching some strange-ass things.  Like stuff my psychotic mind wouldn't even think of.  So I thought I would try to address some of the keywords used to get here.  You know, just for fun while I wait for The Human Centipede to arrive from Netflix.

Also, props to Final Girl for this idea.  She wins for best Google search EVER, which has to do with Dallas.  I could write one of these things every week and I'm never going to get a search that good.

"Leslie Easterbrook Hot"
  Why, yes, I suppose she is an attractive lady.  I don't discuss her looks too much on here, but I sure do love The Devil's Rejects.

"Poughkeepsie Tapes Mask"
 Yes, that shit is seriously creepy.  If only the whole movie could have been as awesome as that crab walk scene.

"2001 Maniacs sex scene"
 Which one, yo?  There were some pretty crazy ones in the first movie, but the one with Bill Moseley and Lin Shaye in the sequel seriously gave me the willies.

"Kate Norby + Fiber One"
I get a lot of these, so I must have been right that it was her in that cereal commercial.
Anything to do with the movie Fortress
I get TONS of searches about different aspects of this movie.  Several years ago, I rediscovered it online by Googling frantically about kidnappings and Father Christmas masks.  I hope I can assist others in finding this childhood gem.  I can't help you get it from Netflix though.  That seems to be a lost cause.

"Naked Fear" "Is She Naked"

"Dee Snider Strangeland How Were His Piercings Made"
 Good fucking question.  I have no idea though.

"Danielle Harris rape movie"
I get a shit-ton of these searches.  I am not aware of any movie that Danielle Harris gets raped in.  But then again, I haven't seen them all.

Several variations of "horror movies suitable for children"
 Unless you want your child to become a deranged individual like myself who takes joy in seeing decapitations, maybe you should spare them the horror movies.  They'll find them on their own anyway.

"movie where student pretends to be a stripper and is tortured in an insane asylum"
 No clue on this one.

  "nun smocking" (spelling error on purpose)
 Not only do people search this and get to my site.  But they stay on here for a while.  I cannot explain that.


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