Sunday, October 24, 2010

Living Death (2006)

Elizabeth (Kristy Swanson) and Victor (Greg Bryk) are living a marriage of convenience.  Victor just gained control of his late father's estate, and Elizabeth has no intentions of losing her meal ticket and cashing in on her lousy prenup.

Victor is less than faithful, and tends to enjoy strapping women to certain torture devices he keeps in his attic.  Elizabeth is not the model wife herself, banging their lawyer on the side and plotting Victor's untimely demise.  They plan his death by using extracts from a poisonous blowfish.  They dump it on dude's pad thai and wait for it to kick in.

They cart Victor off to the morgue, assuming that he has kicked the bucket.  But is it just the paralysis of the blowfish poison making him appear to be dead?  And what revenge will he seek on his "killers" once he gets loose?

I might be in an odd mood this weekend, but I actually thought this movie was pretty decent.  It was really more drama than horror and there wasn't as much torture as something like Hostel but it was a decent revenge flick.  Kristy Swanson for life, yo.