Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Random: My "Guilty Pleasure" Horror Movies

Showgirls is my #1 most favorite guilty pleasure movie of all time.  I enjoy watching this cheesetastic piece of crap more than I would like to admit.  They released it on Blu-Ray, so others must like it too, but I'm still slightly embarrassed in my obsession.

The same stands for horror movies.  There's some acclaimed and well-reviewed horror movies that we all love to go on about, analyze, and be proud to love.  And then there's movies that you may not want to admit openly that you like watching.  Maybe other people think they're horrible, maybe they're really cheesy, maybe you've ripped the director/writer/actor's other work(s).  Whatever it is, you know you have guilty pleasure horror movies.  And I'm going to spill mine.  Join me.  You know you want to.

The House of the Dead

I know, I know.  Uwe Boll sucks, this movie is in the bottom 100 on IMDB, I get it.  I still like this nonsense.  The cheesy acting, the splicing of the video game scenes, the lame zombie effects....I love this piece of crap.  I might even watch it and give it a good review on this blog.  So there.

 Maximum Overdrive

Stephen King admits that he was totally "coked out of his mind" during his directorial debut and had zero idea what he was doing.  This does sort of seem like a movie that someone on drugs would make.  I love this movie so much.  The AC/DC soundtrack, that scene where the camera pans back and shows all the trucks lined up on the highway, and of course that awesome green goblin truck.  The corny acting made this even more awesomely bad.  Love it.

Rest Stop: Dead Ahead

I've been ragged on so many times for liking this movie.  I don't care what y'all say...I love it.  Those old rest stops are creepy as hell and it's about time someone made a horror movie about it.  I don't care either that the chick in the closet was fake...that shit was still creepy.  I own this movie, and I will admit it.

 Cabin By The Lake

Made for TV horror movie?  Check.  Ex-Brat Pack star? Check.  A guy that has a garden of dead ladies underwater? Check.  This movie is extra cheesy and doesn't make too much sense, but don't you just love to hate it?

Freddy vs. Jason

The Blu-Ray of this flick is on sale at Best Buy this week.  I will admit that I'm slightly embarassed to stand in line and buy it.  I mean, really. Who likes a horror movie with the chick from Destiny's Child in it?  Every corny cliche pulled from both these franchises are played to death in this movie, but it's fun and gory and I like it.  I am pissed though that they booted Kane Hodder out of this one.


Liam [Less Than Three Film] said...

I sadly haven't seen any of those except Freddy vs. Jason... which I must admit I really didn't like. So much potential wasted! I wish they'd gone all out and included the ending which sees Jason and Freddy in hell, with Pinhead watching over them.

I own a fair few awful horror movies, but I get little pleasure out of watching them. That said, I do have quite a soft spot for The Hole.

The Scream Queen said...

Ahhh, I loved The Hole! I reviewed it here:

That's definitely not one you should feel guilty about watching ;o)

Sara said...

hahaha, House of the Dead. Oh goodness, that movie is ridiculous.

I can't talk though...among my favorites: House of Wax (I doubt I even need to say it, but the remake), Urban Legends, Strangeland, Wrong Turn...I'll stop here.

Viking Wolf Woman said...

Oh my Lord, Showgirls. It's so deliciously bad that a ratings system should be developed around it to rate other 'so bad they're good' movies. i.e., "3 and a half Nomi's."

I'd need to write a post of my own to list my own guilty pleasures (hmm... maybe I will) but besides Showgirls, I'd have to list RoadHouse among my faves.

Roundhouse kick!

The Scream Queen said...

@MotherFirefly: Yes! We should create a website about awesomely bad movies with a Nomi rating system. We could call it "brown rice and vegetables" LoL

I love Roadhouse too!

Viking Wolf Woman said...

LOL-CLASSIC! I love it.