Friday, September 17, 2010

Movie News: Demand Paranormal Activity know you want to.

I'll admit it....despite all the hype, I liked Paranormal Activity.  I saw it in the theaters and was literally scared.  That doesn't typically happen to me since I'm jaded from seeing hundreds of horror movies over the years.

Anyway, what we all have anticipated has finally come.  Paranormal Activity 2 is hitting theaters on October 22, but the good peeps at the production company are giving everyone the chance to demand to see it first. 

Just go to their website: and click on "demand it."   The city that gets the most demands gets to see it a couple day early.

I think one of the most brilliant things about Paranormal Activity was their awesome marketing strategy. (I'm an ex-Comm student so let me wax poetic for a second)  I mean, show a scary movie to a bunch of college students for free (brilliant), stick videos of them freaking out all over the internet (horror fans love a good challenge) and then let people vote to bring the movie to their city.  There was so much freakin' word of mouth about this thing that the production company never actually had to DO anything.  The rumors that sold the movie (it's real, she really died, it's so scary you'll wet your pants) got started on their own with no one lifting a finger.  Genius.

So go ahead and vote for your city so that you can check this movie out ahead of the screaming masses :o)


Daniel said...

It was a solid movie, I think a lot of complaints were a result from general backlash. Anyways looking forward to the 2nd one.