Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Machete (2010)

I usually don't even go to the movies, nonetheless review horror movies that are showing in theaters.  Most of the theater-run movies noawadays are total crap and I prefer to skip them entirely or at least wait for the DVD.

I've been obsessed with Machete since the fake trailer in Grindhouse and of course, I ran right to the theater this weekend to check it out.  And I HATE going to the movies.  So it takes a lot to get me there.  That said, I LOVED THIS MOVIE.  It was the most fun I've had at the movies since Superbad.  I laughed, I gasped, I lusted over Danny Trejo.

I feel like people who are hating on this flick are taking it wayyyy too seriously.  This is supposed to be a fun, action-filled gory movie.  Of course the acting was cheesy and the storyline was kind of all over the place.  Of course it was unrealistic that someone could jump out of a window using someone's intestine.  That was the point, people.

Danny Trejo was the ultimate badass.  Michelle Rodriguez was kickass, and Jessica Alba was not so bad.  Lindsay Lohan was actually pretty funny and DeNiro and Seagal were freakin' hysterical.  They were like carcitures of themselves.  The gore and action were pure Robert Rodriguez and everything was so over the top that it was awesome and really entertaining. 

If you want to think deeply about something, go see Inception.  If you want a heartwarming comedy, Going the Distance opened this weekend.  But if you want to have a kickass time at the movies, see Machete.


the jaded viewer said...

People are hating on Machete? Its hard to think if your going to see a a movie called Machete you'd know what your getting.

I loved it. Just a goofy throwback to all that is grindhousey.

I'd have Q.T. write some of the dialogue though...maybe throw in a few solid jokes.