Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm a versatile blogger, yo.

I'm a bit of a young'un in the horror blogging world so this is my first award!  Thanks to The Great White Dope (, I have my very own Versatile Blogger Award.,.

Now to the requirements...

Post Seven Things About Yourself

1) I'm a black belt in karate.  Many people are not aware of this...until it's too late....mwahahahhaahaa

2) I love Rob Zombie's movies.  Sue me.

3) My favorite horror movies are The Devil's Rejects and From Dusk Til Dawn.  I obviously love all the classics like NOES, Halloween, Friday the 13th, etc. but I can't pick a favorite out of those, so I just picked different ones.

4) I'm training for the 2011 New York City marathon.

5) I have two cats, Liza and Maude.

6) I don't have cable and haven't had it for five years.  Maybe this is why I watch so many horror movies.

7) I live in an apartment that is probably the size of most people's living rooms.  Gotta love New York City.

Pass the Award to 15 Other Blogs

I honestly think that just about every horror blog in existence has this award by now.  But if you don't have it, and you want it, hit me up in the comments and I will add you on here ;o)