Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thr3e (2006)

Oddly enough, this is the second movie this week I've seen that is (a) based on a Ted Dekker novel (b) featuring Bill Moseley.  And Priscilla Barnes is up in this bitch too -- yippee!

Thr3e kicks off kind of like Seven.  There is a "Riddle Killer" on the loose, calling people and asking them weird questions and blowing shit up.  Jennifer Peters, a psychologist and true crime author, becomes part of the game when she chases the riddles all around town and finds her brother strapped to an explosive car when it's too late.

Switch gears, and now we're at a seminary.  Kevin Parson is a brilliant student who has sort of hit a wall with his thesis.  His professor encourages him to continue to work on it, and he drives away in thought.  A phone rings, and, dun dun dun, it seems to be the Riddle Killer.  Kevin is told to confess to a major sin in three minutes, or his car will be blown to pieces.  He pulls over and gets out of the car, which does blow up, but he is safe.

He goes to the police and tells them what's up, but leaves out the little part about the caller telling him to confess.  He returns to his home, where his childhood friend Samantha comes to visit him and offer comfort.  We learn that poor Kevin had a pretty f'ed up childhood.  His parents died and he was left to the care of his psychotic aunt, "Princess" (pictured above)  She forced Kevin to live in some sort of weird world where she sheltered him and convinced everyone in the house that Eisenhower was still president and all kinds of nonsense.  She also tended to lock him up for days at a time.

So the search for the Riddle Killer continues, and Kevin confesses his "sin", which he believes points to a boy from his childhood as being the killer.  Everyone treks back to the house of freaks to see whats up and there's lots of running around and bombs, and Bill Moseley's awesome voice.

This was a solid thriller...not really a horror movie, but it was creepy and the story was good.  The ending did actually come as an interesting surprise and I liked it. 

*Bill Moseley appearance time: 33:00 minutes in (that's just when we recognized it as his voice.  He was in the movie earlier than that, I believe)
*Best Moseley quote: "Shut up or I will staple your lips together."