Monday, August 30, 2010

Movie News: Hobo With a Shotgun is in post-production

When I heard they were making this making this movie, I was super-excited.  But then I figured it was going to be one of those things where it was all, "Yeah we're going to do this, it's going to be epic!!!" and then it would just fizzle out.

But apparently this is not the case.  Filming has wrapped up and that picture to the left is seriously how Rutger Hauer looks up in this flick.  No release date as of yet, but I am going to go out on a limb and say that this is probably going straight to DVD. 

For those who aren't aware, Hobo with a Shotgun is the result a winning fake trailer for Robert Rodriguez's SXSW Grindhouse contest.  Apparently the trailer was so badass that someone thought that should make it into a movie.  Hobo chronicles a man (Rutger Hauer) who goes all vigilante on bad guys including crooked cops and a pedophile Santa Claus.

This thing sounds totally cheesy and campy and I can't wait to see it.  Plus, Rutger Hauer is the freakin' man.  More updates to come.