Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lethal Eviction (2005)

Apparently maybe they were thinking of calling this movie Grayson Arms?  That's the name of the apartment building.  Anyway, it seems like they went with Lethal Eviction but this is a much better picture.

This is a decent movie with a solid cast.  There's a pretty good twist, but if you're a seasoned horror fan like yours truly, you'll probably spot it coming from a mile away.

Lethal Eviction is about an apartment building undergoing sort of a transition.  The owner bites it, and the tenants are living in rent control and under their own rules.  Jennifer Carpenter plays two roles: twin sisters Sarah and Tess.  Sarah is a nice and stable twenty-something taxed with constantly taking care of her crazy-ass twin Tess.

Also in the building are a group of drunk fratboy types, a curmudgeony old lady, and Hispanic drag queen Hector.  However, it seems these residents are in for a bit of a change in living situation.  Amanda (the lovely Stacey Dash) and Gus (dad from the Fresh Prince) have bought the building and they plan on booting everyone out of their apartments and start charging increased rents.

Meanwhile, creeper Shep (Judd Nelson) comes around and says he'll rent an apartment at pretty much any price.  Also, he keeps having random and weird visions of Tess.  Does he have some sort of ulterior motive....?  After Amanda holds a little "new owner" party in her apartment, residents start dying off left and right.  Of course the newbies are the first to be blamed, but who is really the killer? [insert evil laugh]

This isn't a bad way to spend 1.5 hours, and it's a relatively creative storyline with decent actors.  Worth a watch.