Thursday, July 29, 2010

Top Ten Creepiest Kids in Horror Movies

The "top ten willy inducing moments" posts got me thinking about something.  Creepy kids in movies scare the shit out of me, man.  I've been known to hide under a blanket when freaky tykes are featured in horror movies, and I have not gotten less scared about this as I've gotten older.

Therefore, I decided to compile a list of what I think are the creepiest kids in horror movies.  In no particular order, of course.  As with the "top ten willy inducing moments," these are totally personal and not everyone will agree with me. 

#1 - Danny Torrance in The Shining

I actually didn't think those twin girls were all that scary.  But when Danny moves his finger around and makes it talk, that shit was not right.  And that voice he did was so eerie.  Gross.

#2 - Those kids in Village of the Damned

This gives me nightmares.  The end.

#3 - Gage Creed in Pet Semetary

I think it's safe to say that Miko Hughes wins the award for creepiest kid on screen EVER.  Thank you, Hughes parents, for letting your kid act in horror when he was only 3.  This has provided horror-lovers with one of the scariest kids to ever appear in a movie.

#4 - Joshua Cairn in Joshua

This movie kind of flew under the radar, but it was sooo good.  I mean, I wasn't too thrilled about my little sister being born but this kid takes it to the extreme.

#5 - Every last one of those little brats in The Children

This movie seriously made me want to get my tubes tied.  Those kids were freaky in every way imaginable.  The tent scene, chasing them through the trees, the monkey bars....I'm having a panic attack right now.

#6 - All those kids in Children of the Corn

The only thing worse than scary kids is scary kids who are religious fanatics.  Oh, and who kill all the adults in town to carry on their psycho plans.

#7 - Esther in Orphan

I know this movie got mixed reviews, but I liked it.  This chick was seriously scary and the one fail with this movie was why in the hell those people adopted such a freakish kid.  There had to be other options.

#8 - Those twins in Flowers in the Attic

I find this movie to be ridiculously disturbing in and of itself but something with those semi-inbred twins just always creeped me out.  Especially the little boy...eeekkk.

#9 - Henry Evans in The Good Son

Maybe this doesn't technically qualify as a horror movie, but this flick was seriously scary.  MC was such a great child actor and he played this role to the height of creepiness.

#10 - Dylan Porter in Wes Craven's A New Nightmare


Miko Hughes is the reigning king of scary kids.  He wasn't quite as scary in New Nightmare as he was in Pet Semetary but when he taped those knives to his fingers, it came pretty damn close.

So there's my list.  Leave suggestions in the comments, or start your own list.  I'm sure I forgot a few little spawns of Satan.


Dr Blood said...

How about Harvey Stephens, the baby from The Omen (1976)? Or the really ugly one from the remake, Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick?

You can't go far wrong with Courtland Mead from the miniseries version of The Shining (1997) either.

For seriously scary kids though it has to be the Glick brothers from Salem's Lot (1979) especially that floating up to the window scene.

Jeremy [Retro] said...

kids... all those scary kids... it's like getting attack by ants...

Maynard Morrissey said...

I always loved the 3 little brats from "Bloody Birthday"

Anonymous said...

thanks for making that blog it was very helpful!

Anonymous said...

What about those little fuckers from David Croneberg's The Brood?!! Murdering bastards that also goes for the camp classic Devil Times Five starring Leif Garrett. I know it was hella stupid but those kids creeped me the hell out especially the girl with the piranhas. And Jodie Foster in Little Girl who Lives down the Lane. Even though most of the adults had it coming

Anonymous said...

no one's scarier than linda blair aka regan mcneil from THE EXORCIST.