Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Storm Warning (2007)

Ahhh, I love this picture, because it depicts the most badass part of this movie.  Storm Warning is an Australian flick about a couple, Rob and Pia, who go out on a little boating expedition.  As a storm approaches, Pia feels it's time to head back to shore, but Rob believes they have enough time to take the scenic route.  Incorrect. 

They end up lost in some crazy swamp and have to bring the boat ashore.  They go wandering around the island until the come upon a house that appears to be empty.  Like the morons they are for much of this movie, they go poking around the house even though it's clear that its residents are not upstanding citizens.

Said residents return home and flip shit on the yuppie couple.  These guys are serious hicks with messed up teeth who drink rum and eat baby kangaroos.  There are two brothers and their father.  Although they give these dipshits several chances to escape, they end up cooking dinner for them and then find themselves locked in a barn.

The two brothers attempt to sexually assault Pia, but are thwarted by their father, who apparently wants first dibs.  Rob (who is a major wuss in this movie) gets whacked in the leg and he's out of commission.  Instead of curling up in the fetal position and crying, Pia waits until they leave and goes all Home Alone on this shit.  Booby traps everyone and the one pictured above is the best one ;o)

Predictably, a battle ensues and it really comes to the last couple minutes to determine who will make it out alive.  There were a TON of stupid decisions made by Rob and Pia from the start, but I guess you could argue that if there were no dumb decisions, there would be no movie to watch.  The guy who played Rob was pretty meh in terms of acting and his character was a total wet blanket.  Pia on the other hand was a femme fatale and rocked those booby traps "Data"-style.

photo source: http://tormentedfilms.com/store/images/storm-warning.jpg
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