Monday, July 12, 2010

Random: My Top Ten Willy-Inducing Moments

Inspired by The Horror Digest, and several other awesome blogs, I've decided to do my own Top Ten Willy Inducing Moments.  Making lists actually makes me super-anxious, as I have a ridiculous fear of forgetting something, or someone reminding me that I missed something more awesome.  So take this list with a grain of salt, pls.

It takes a lot to freak me out these days.  I've seen countless horror movies and most of the garbage put out these days barely makes me flinch.  This list is really a combination of things that have scared me as an adult, and things that scared me as a kidand continue to give me the shivers as a grown-ass woman.   Enjoy, get scared along with me, or tell me I'm a dork that is freaked out by stupid crap.  These are in no particular order, just how I thought of them.

#1 - Entering the basement - Martyrs

This whole movie pretty much makes me want to cry and scream for my mommy, but when Anna enters the secret basement area, shit seriously hits the fan.  Even if you're seeing the movie for the first time, that scene has such a sense of horrific and impending doom that I can barely stand to watch it.  The creepy sterilized environment, the disturbing pictures -- it all sets up for such a shocking and harrowing second half of the movie.  This movie had such a huge impact on me.

#2 Diner Scene/Coins - The Hitcher

This is the closest thing I can find to a picture of this scene, but you all know what's up.  I've always found The Hitcher (original, of course) to be a seriously scary movie and this scene always got me.  Rutger Hauer/John Ryan is a serious creeper throughout this whole movie.  He torments Jim Halsey ruthlessly, and there are several previous scenes that show that he is in control of Jim's every movement.  But by the time we get to this scene, poor Jim thinks he's caught a break.  He even has a weapon for his protection.  But Ryder comes along and is all, "no, bitch, I run shit."  And then makes it extra special creepy by sticking coins on dude's eyes and walking away.  Eeeekk, this one still skeeves me out.

#3 - Chairs on the kitchen table - Poltergeist

There is so much about Poltergeist that is super-freaky.  From the actual movie to the "curse" behind it, it's truly a frightening classic.  I've seen this movie dozens of times, and I seriously nearly wet my pants every time Diane turns around and sees those chairs stacked up on the freakin' table.  It's so completely random and in sharp contrast to the idyllic sunny day and cute innocence of Carol Ann.  Gets me every time.

#4 - "Game Over" - Saw

So by now, the Saw series has worn out it's welcome, and the movies have become nearly impossible to follow.  But let's think back to before the 2398234908 sequels, and remember the freaky low-budget movie that came out of nowhere.  Saw came out when I was in college, and I saw it with a friend at a rundown cheapo theater near campus.  We both left totally freaked out, and I returned to see it again the next week.  Although it's gone down the lame/too many sequels path, you can't deny that the first one made a mark in horror history.  That last scene when Jigsaw slams the door closed always scares me the most.  The suffocating feeling of being trapped alive where no one is ever going to find you literally makes me nauseous.

#5  Zelda - Pet Semetary 

I think we can all agree that Pet Semetary is no Exorcist but this movie seriously scared me when I was younger.  The little Full House kid was beyond creepy, but even worse than that was the infamous Zelda.  From her deformed body to her hoarse, scary voice, I used to have nightmares about her being in the bed in our room instead of my sister.  I really like this movie, but even as a 27 year old, I have to shield my eyes during the Zelda scenes.

#6 Masked kidnappers - Fortress

I feel like fear of this movie is exclusive to those born between 1980 and 1985.  When searching for this movie a few years back, I came across tons of searches and questions from 20-somethings looking for the movie with the masked kidnappers who scared them so badly as children.  Fortress aired on HBO in the late-80s, a period rife with kidnappings and missing children.  The kidnappers in this flick wore ultra-creepy masks, including the infamous Father Christmas.  An especially frightening scene is when the students hide out in the mountains and the kidnapper taunts the eldest, screaming, "Noreeeeelllllleee!"'s giving me the shivers just thinking about it.

#7 - Mari rape scene - Last House on the Left

There's lots of abusive things happening in this movie, but for some reason I think this is the worst.  Although Phyllis attempt to take the brunt of the sexual assault and humiliation for her less-experienced friend, it comes to be Mari's time after all.  This scene is graphic and disgusting, and the drooling on her face makes it even worse.  But one of the worst parts is the fact that's she's lost all of her fight by this point.  This is followed by the devastating walk to the lake and just makes me want to curl up and shiver in the fetal position.

#8 The Bag - Audition

Audition is such an interesting movie in so many ways.  There's so much buildup that you find yourself on edge, preparing for anything because nothing truly frightening has happened yet.  Then comes that freakin' bag.  From the minute that bag moves to when we see what was living inside, my skin is crawling.  That shit is overboard.  Thank God I don't have a landline because I probably would never be able to look at/hear a regular phone in my house after seeing that.

#9 Phone Calls - When a Stranger Calls

Ahhh, the quintessential babysitter movie.  Boy, I do not miss those days of sitting at someone's house while the kids slept being all freaked out because I watched too many scary movies.  Yeah, this movie kind of veers off a bit after the super-scary babysitter scenes, but let's focus on those.  We all know that the first fifteen minutes of that movie were the source of every babysitter's nightmare.  Myself included.

#10 "Answer the Phone" - Wes Craven's A New Nightmare

Okay, so this is probably the one that will be considered my lame-ass selection, but oh well.  Creepy kids freak me out, man.  I have a whole tag dedicated to "scary children."  I actually liked New Nightmare (I know many people don't) and this scene was the creepiest.  Nancy comes downstairs in the middle of the night to find the original Nightmare playing on the television.  Her son, Dylan (the ultimate scary child, Miko Hughes) has taken all the stalker mail she's recieved and arranged it on the floor to read "answer the phone."  He then paces around the letters with a knife, singing "one two, Freddy's coming for you..."  Seriously, this movie is good birth control.  Don't have children, because they could end up putting you through this.

So there's my ten!  Please feel free to chastise me for forgetting something, or agree with me on how freaky this shit is ;o)


Fred [The Wolf] said...

Great list! A NIGHTMARE film that's not the original - that's new. But that's a great moment in a great sequel. And AUDITION is probably why I'm single. Got to love PET SEMETARY as well. And the ending of SAW - brilliant.

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