Friday, June 4, 2010

REC (2007)

I saw Quarantine last year I think.  I was kinda meh about it and honestly I never got around to writing a review.  But REC is a whole other animal.  I loved this movie.  My non-horror-loving future hubby loved this movie.

I prefer to watch foreign movies in their native languages with the subtitles on.  I think dubbing takes a lot away from the emotion, intensity and intention of the movie.  Living in NYC has taught me some basic Spanish, so I could pick up a little of the dialogue as it was.

REC is the story of a news crew filming a late night show called "While You Are Asleep."  They follow people on jobs that occur overnight.  This time they are shadowing a Barcelona fire station when the men are called to the scene of a woman trapped in an apartment building.

The fire crew arrives at the apartment building to find that all is not right.  The woman is not really ill as much as infected by zombie-itis.  As people are hurt and things blow up, the people of the apartment building are shocked to find themselves quarantined in their own building.  As tensions rise, the residents and civil servants begin to turn against each other as the ordeal turns into a fight for their lives.

This movie is shot entirely from the view of the cameraman, and mostly narrated by the reporter, Angela.  It's not really Blair Witch bumpy, but unique enough to make it different from a typical movie.  This flick was short, fun, and scary and I definitely recommend.

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Sara said...

Excellent, this is next on my Netflix queue.