Monday, May 24, 2010

Train (2008)

This movie was sort of a ripoff of similar movies in the "torture porn" genre such as Hostel, Turistas, etc.  It was actually originally conceived as a remake of Terror Train but then evolved into this.  This is the second horror movie I've seen recently that stars Thora Birch.  I wonder if she's left her American Beauty days behind to become a genre actress...hmmm.

Train is the story of a group of American athletes traveling through Europe to compete in wrestling competitions.  Apparently this is a co-ed thing because there are both girls and guys on the trip.  One night, some members of the team give the proverbial middle finger to their curfew and go out partying.  Drinking and fighting ensue and they find themselves racing to the train station long after they've missed their mode of transportation.

Their coach is pissed and the kids are stranded in a German train station with no one that speaks German and vice versa.  Luckily enough for them, there's a nice lady who offers them a ride on her private luxury coach.  In the first of many stupid decisions these people make, they board the mysterious train and hand over their passports (wtf?) which will obviously never be seen again.

From this point on, the movie basically turns into another torture porn ripoff, just with said torture taking plan on a moving train.  The motive here is organ harvesting and I believe we're meant to think that the other people riding the train are those who need the organs, since they never help the screaming teenagers.

This movie was a fun and gory watch, but don't expect anything new or surprising.  Just another decent addition to the already maxed out torture genre.

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the jaded viewer said...

Poor Thora Birch. Her career is worst than Skinemax. She did torture porn