Thursday, April 15, 2010

Movie News: "The Human Centipede" gets limited release in NYC

I am seriously starting to think that I am a sick and demented person that needs some sort of horror intervention.  I really want to see this movie.  I'm making plans to go by myself so I don't have to drag anyone with me and make them throw up/hate me forever.

The Human Centipede is about a creepy doctor who is an expert at separating conjoined twins.  Now he wants to try a new project: joining three people together to share a digestive system and live as a centipede.

The best part about this?  Director and writer Tom Six had full cooperation of an actual surgeon who help devise the logistics of the centipede.  The surgeon (who won't release his name for obvious reasons) did some serious research on this and concluded that this experiment could survive for years.  This kind of thing is why I was obsessed with Nip/Tuck for so long.  Ridiculous injuries and surgeries that you don't think could possibly exist, but apparently they can.

This nonsense is slithering (heh) into NYC theaters on April 30th.  Is anyone else going to check this out?
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Unknown said...

I am horrified that I will actually throw up in the movie theater while watching this movie.

My husband is already judging me for wanting to see it, so I'll probably go alone.

I, too, feel like a sick, sick puppy.

The Scream Queen said...

@Sara: Luckily, it's available on OnDemand for only $ you can watch it judgement-free. And, if you can handle extreme Japanese/French horror, this one is not so bad to watch.