Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Human Centipede: First Sequence (2009)

Video on Demand is a glorious thing.  For the low price of $5.99, I can watch nonsense like this without showing myself in public as someone who is interested in watching three people be sewn together by a crazy surgeon.

I'm going to say it.  I liked this movie.  If that makes me a deranged individual, then so be it.  IMDB reviewers made me think that I would be vomiting all throughout this movie.  Although this is obviously a sick concept, the movie itself is not as graphic as you would expect.  If you can stomach something like Martyrs or Audition, this one will be no problem for you.

Okay, so to the story.  Lindsay and Jenny are two American girls vacationing in Europe.  While in Germany, they decide to hit a nightclub when disaster strikes.  They take a wrong turn and get a flat tire in the middle of nowhere.  It's pouring rain and they happen upon the house of Dr. Heiter.  Seriously, they could not have found a creepier guy to play the doctor.  This dude gave me the shivers.  The ladies think that the doctor is calling the rental car company and then poof! they wake up in a basement hospital hooked up to IVs and such. 

The original third part to the centipede is in there with them, but Dr. Heiter decides that he is not a good match.  Instead, he replaces him with Japanese tourist Katsuro.  He explains to his captives that they are about to undergo surgery to be connected mouth to anus to become a human centipede.  Obviously this is terrifying and awful and they would all rather be dead.  But death is not an option because these peeps are going ass to mouth, quite literally. (you know I had to put that in here somewhere)

So the centipede is created and Dr. Heiter is parading them around and making them fetch newspapers and stuff.  He's having a bit of difficulty discerning the human centipede from this three-dog creature he created previously.  Obviously we know the mechanics of eating and such with this setup is really gross.  But honestly, they don't show that much of it.  (No 2 girls, 1 cup in this flick)  When the doctor is jumping around saying "Feeeeeeed herrrrrrr" I was seriously skeeved out though.  There's a lot of action and suspense towards the end of the movie

This movie was original, exciting, and fast-paced.  It was definitely not the total gross-out torture porn that I expected.  Tom Six succeeded in making it thought-provoking as well.  It has stuck with me after viewing and I would watch it again.  I'm looking forward to "Full Sequence" which apparently was his original plan for the movie and involves 12 (!) people for the centipede.

This is currently in theaters in NYC, but it's available on Movies on Demand (the IFC in theaters section)

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emshaw said...

I want to see this but I feel like I am going to vom all over the theater when the show the centipede!

The Scream Queen said...

@emshaw: If you can handle the trailer/preview pictures, that's about as gross as it gets. There's a little surgery portion, but you can see it coming and close your eyes ;o)