Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dead Air (2009)

I liked this movie.  But then again, I'm partial to both end of the world movies and Bill Moseley.  So this was really a score for me.

Bill Moseley plays shock-jock Logan Burnhardt, who hosts a contraversial late-night show on the radio.  One night, he comes into work and things have really gone crazy.  He brings up the subject of paranoia, and takes some hysterical calls before shit really hits the fan.  Logan and his co-workers soon realize that a deadly virus has been released into the air by terrorists.  This virus causes people to go crazy and kill/eat each other, much like the "rage" in 28 Days/28 Weeks Later. 

He reaches out to callers to dial into the show and let him know what is going on so that others can be informed.  Meanwhile, no one has any idea that the terrorists are lurking nearby.  There are battles on both sides as the crew struggles with both terrorists and infected.

There was not a whole lot of gory zombie scenes in this movie, as it was more about the drama.  Although this flick was no Dawn of the Dead, I thought it was engaging and thrilling.  Worth checking out.

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