Thursday, April 22, 2010

Carriers (2009)

As mentioned previously (okay, lots of times), I am a HUGE sucker for end of the world/apocalypse movies.  I just love them -- the barren landscapes, the lone rangers trekking cross-country, the constant search for a cure or safe haven or what-have-you.

Carriers is an awesome little movie that no one really heard of.  We've got a group of 20-somethings: Danny, Brian, Bobby, and Kate.  The world has been hit by a massive virus that has killed nearly everyone.  The symptoms are rashes all over your body and bleeding from your mouth, ears, etc.  The virus is highly contagious from direct contact and can live on surfaces for 24 hours.

The foursome is headed across the country to a beach that the two guys visited as children.  The hotels in the seaside town have been long-abandoned and they believe there will be safety and shelter until everything blows over.  However, getting across the country is difficult when the gas pumps aren't working and there are sick people blocking your way.  Frank and Jodie are such people.  Frank has run out of gas and his daughter is sick.  As the group tries to get around Frank's car, they find themselves in quite the predicament. 
Will they take on some passengers?  Change course?  Lose passengers along the way?  I don't want to give away too much ;o)

This flick was quite the sleeper, especially as it was rated PG-13.  It was a fast-paced, gripping, and eerie story.  The gore level is low and although there's a few jump-scares, they're perfectly timed (I almost fell off my couch during one!)  Definitely a movie to check out. 
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James Gracey said...

I saw a trailer for this a while ago and then it just seemed to drop off the radar. It looked quite interesting and I really want to check it out now after reading your review.

Unknown said...

I love perusing your blog with my Netflix account open, makes life much easier.

Now if only I could convince my husband that a queue full of horror movies IS a good idea...

The Scream Queen said...

@James: I don't even remember how it got on my Netflix queue. I think Netflix recommended it due to my undying love of zombie movies (although this isn't one)

@Sara: Thanks! And by the way, a queue full of horror movies is the ONLY idea haha. Mr. ScreamQueen doesn't even have the Netflix password.