Monday, March 1, 2010

My Name is Bruce (2007)

This movie was pretty freakin' funny.  While not on par with such spoofs as Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland, it was still fast-moving and good for a laugh.

Bruce Campbell plays himself is this flick.  His career is going downhill fast and he's acting in stupid B horror movies all whilst acting like a total douchebag.  He goes to strip clubs, he insults fans, and he lives in a trailer where he guzzles cheap whiskey and peruses porn magazines.  

Meanwhile, the town of Gold Lick, Oregon has a problem.  They're being terrorized by a Chinese demon, Guan-Di, who was mistakenly released from the town's deadly mines.  Bruce Campbell superfan Jeff, convinces the town that they can be saved if they get Bruce Campbell to fight the demon.

They kidnap Bruce and bring him to Gold Lick to fight Guan-Di.  Bruce, however, thinks that the whole things is a practical joke by his agent for his birthday.  Therefore, he spends his time in Gold Lick trying to get Jeff's mom into bed while making a half-assed attempt at fighting said demon.

Bruce Campbell was perfect as the extra-douchey caricture of himself.  He was genuinely hilarious and believeable.  Yes, the special effects in this movie were horrendous, but I believe that was the point.  Definitely check this out for a solid chuckle.

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James Gracey said...

I liked this too! Some great dialogue - 'What's up with that fucking lightning?' I thought the villain was pure John Carpenter circa Big Trouble in Little China.