Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cold Prey (2006)

It appears I've been hitting some serious home runs on my Netflix queue lately.  Cold Prey comes to us from Norway.  You don't see too many horror films from there, so that's awesome.  There's subtitles, so you have to bear with that.  But, awesomely enough, this is one of those movies that doesn't really even need words.  You could probably watch it on mute and get the idea.

A group of friends are skiing alone on a crazy mountain.  There's no one around for miles, and unluckily , one of their friends breaks his leg.  They spot a hotel in the distance and drag the whole group over there, including the poor bastard with a bone protruding from his skin.  As it turns out, the hotel is abandoned, but it's in decent shape so they decide to stay the night.  There's snacks and plenty of booze and the little group figures they've hit the jackpot.

Well, as well all know horror fans, that's rarely the case.  This particular hotel is being inhabited by a psychopath out for blood.  There's a backstory that they and we soon discover, which is actually pretty interesting.  There's a lot of cat and mouse with a raging lunatic and a bunch of attractive Norweigans running around the abandoned hotel.  The ending is pretty awesome, and I'm looking forward to more Norweigan films with some badass female heroines.  Good stuff. 

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James Gracey said...

I've heard pretty good things about this! Can't wait to check it out.