Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Stepfather (2009)

I was so excited about watching this movie, but after seeing it, I'm so meh about it.  Much like other PG-13 remakes, this flick just kinda fell flat.

The deal is that Michael comes home from military school to find that his mother is head over heels for her new live-in boyfriend (Dylan Walsh as David Harris)  David is constantly preaching the importance of family and even tells Michael that he'll convince his mom (Sela Ward as Susan) to back off the military school thing and let him go back to regular school.

However, after living with David for a hot minute, Michael begins to get suspicious.  He shares his concerns with his girlfriend (Amber Heard as Kelly) but she's not hearing it.  She just thinks that Michael is pissed that his mom found a new boyfriend and that he just needs to chill.

Obviously he's right (they give away David's bloodlust in the first five minutes of the movie) and the stepfather is whacking anyone that steps in his path.  He has a little basement storage room where he stashes all his evidence and Michael is determined to catch him in the act.

This movie's plot was just boring and predictable.  It was like Disturbia but not nearly as good.  The best part of this flick was a creepy and convincing Dylan Walsh, who delivered lines like "Who am I here?" with horrific perfection.  Too bad the plodding storyline and cookie-cutter teen actors just kinda sucked.
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Unknown said...

I'm a big Sela Ward fan, loved her in this