Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Feed (2005)

This was a super-creepy and disturbing movie with a brand-new concept (shocking in the horror world!)

So you've heard of these people called "feeders," right?  There's been some articles in magazines over the last few years.  Basically these people get off on feeding their partner/forcing them to eat and watching them get bigger and bigger.

The main character in this movie, Michael, is a serious feeder.  In fact, he has a website with videos, pictures, etc. that feature the women in his harem of lard.  He's in fantastic physical shape but gets sexually excited over the sight of these women, especially when they say "feeeeeed meeee." (seriously, no kidding)

Meanwhile, across the globe, we have a cyber investigator in Australia (Phillip) who comes across the site and is extremely disturbed and concerned about the women's well-being.  He takes off for America to catch the crazed feeder and bring him to justice.

I guess feeding people like this isn't in and of itself a crime, since the women are consenting adults.  But Phillip soon finds out that Michael has ulterior motives with the feeding and the website. His behavior is not only for his own pleasure, but hinges on him feeding them to death in order to procure bets via the website.

This movie is original and the only thing it is vaguely reminiscint of is the force-feeing scene in Seven.  It has a serious creepiness to it and I found myself cringing at several points.  The plot moves quickly, although there are a few holes in the story.  The whole flick is pretty extreme, but the last scene has really stuck with me since I watched it.  Really haunting shot. 

Definitely check it out, but I would skip the snacks.  This one is a little stomach-turning.

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