Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Movie News: Halloween 2 Director's Cut

We all know my feelings on Rob Zombie's disastrous film, Halloween 2.  Although I've been a huge fan of his films and music for years, I absolutely abhorred the ridiculous mess that was his most recent release.

However, Rob has tempted me with a promise of a director's cut of Halloween 2 that is completely different from the original.

Says Zombie:

“There is another version of the movie that’s very, very different..Laurie Strode’s character is the main difference…(In the theatrical) She’s holding it together, getting her life together and it starts spiraling downward. In the other version, she’s an incredible mess and gets worse. She never has any good moments, she’s just messed up, she’s lashing out at everyone, she’s horrible. Messed up on drugs, she’s just completely spun out through the whole movie. It makes for a real challenging movie to watch and I feel like I don’t know if fans would’ve embraced so much darkness.”

He also claims that Laurie and Annie's relationship is akin to cat-fighting in the alternate version.  Interesting.  I don't really understand this....did the studio not allow him to release this messed-up version of the movie that's possibly better?  Or is he just trying to get people like me who hated the first version to give it another chance?

Well, anyway, I've rushed to the store on release date to buy every Zombie movie released, but he's not going to get me this time.  It's on the top of my Netflix queue (on Blu-Ray, woooo!) and if this director's cut is truly the movie's saving grace, then he'll get my $20.  However, deep down I feel that if he doesn't lose the whole ghost-mom storyline and douchebag Dr. Loomis, I'm probably still going to hate it.