Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Movie News: Offspring out on DVD? That was fast!

Apparently I'm falling off my game a little bit in my old age. Right in time for Halloween season, Jack Ketchum's Offspring is out on DVD. That one slipped right by me. Was this even out in theaters? Not that I can see.
I rushed this to the top of my queue and will be checking it out this week. Also, the poster with the baby is badass. You know my feelings on babies in horror movies, but this one isn't answering a deadly cell phone, so it's cool.


Chris R said...

Yep, this went straight to DVD. Did you see The Girl Next Door? Pretty brutal.

The Scream Queen said...

I did! I read the book as well. I was actually pretty excited for "An American Crime" which is supposed to be the true story that "The Girl Next Door" was based on. But I was pretty let down, and Ellen Page was the lead.