Wednesday, October 7, 2009

100 Feet (2008)

I loveeeee me some Famke Janssen. I don't care if she's playing a transexual sleeping with a teenager or rich mommy whose kid got stolen... I love the chick. So I was psyched to check out this movie. Plus I love love love movies that take place in my fabulous city.

Marie Watson (Famke, herself) is on house arrest. The cop/PO that is so pissed at her is Funky Spunk from Sex and the City. I find this hysterical. Sorry...some people just can't break away from that kind of thing. She's stuck in her gorgeous Brooklyn apartment and she cannot even open the door. She can barely get the mail.

Our heroine is on said house arrest because she killed her abusive husband. Unfortunately, the man is her PO's ex-partner. Oooops. She sets about to cleaning up the bloodstains which is certainly what I would do if I shot my asshole husband. But house arrest is boring, and her old friends don't want to talk to her.

Some hot delivery boy toy (Chuck Bass, himself!) comes the bring the groceries, and it's indicative that little interaction is going to become a storyline. Unfortunately for Marnie, though, her ghost husband is chasing her around the house and ruining her plans for an underage booty call. She bites it on the stairs running from Casper and Funky Spunk has to show up and question her. He really wants her ass back in jail. Seriously, let a sister chill for six months and catch up on reality TV, yo.

I love the accuracy of this movie -- whether it be bitching about Con-Ed, getting groceries from Gristedes, or the realistic look and vibe of the neighborhood. Girlfriend is ready to get her supernatural hubby to peace the hell out, so she gets grocery boy to fetch her some ghost books. She makes a plan for kicking the ghost up out of her place, but unfortunately this involves going outside of her ankle bracelet zone and getting bitch slapped once again.

So poor Marnie has to explain to the jackass cop why she's turning up with bruises when she lives alone and can't leave the house. 5-0 is not taking her seriously, and she gives Chuck Bass a dial. He comes over and I guess you could figure out the rest ;o). She's gotta be old enough to be his mother...damn.

The ghost keeps running shit and further chaos ensues. The ending was closed everything up nicely.

I liked this movie...but not really as a horror. It was more like a thriller/drama, as I was never really scared but intrigued. I thought Famke Janssen was great, although Chuck Bass was replaceable by any teen boy toy out there. Stick this on Lifetime or TNT and it would do really well.