Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Movie News: Jack Ketchum's Offspring

I love that this is the photo that appears when you google image search "movie + offspring". It definitely tells us we're in for something good and gory.
Jack Ketchum's previous novel, The Girl Next Door, was recently made into a really great film. He's using the same crew and taking a stab at Offspring. Although Offspring is actually the sequel to Off Season, it looks like the rights to that one were a little tricky to obtain, so they're going with Offspring.
Those who have read either of the books know that which one is the first and second really doesn't matter. Offspring ends up summing up what happened in Off Season, and to be completely honest, I thought that Offspring was gorier and more exciting than Off Season.
Obviously this movie is a huge departure from The Girl Next Door, which contained pretty serious subject matter involving child abuse. Offspring is just down and dirty cannibalism, and we're not talking refined Hannibal Lecter-types either. These people are living in a cave, impregnating themselves with some poor guy they kidnapped, and wearing skins as clothing.
If you haven't read the book, check it out before the movie drops.