Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inside (2006)

As we all know, I've seen hundreds of horror movies. When in comes to movies made in the new millenium, I walk away laughing more often than screaming.
That said, this movie scared the ever-loving shit out of me. The box/cover has absolutely nothing to do with how fucking insane this movie actually is. It reminded me a lot of Frailty, a little sleeper thriller that you really never heard too much about, but will keep you from sleeping at night.
Inside is the story of a disturbed young man named Alex. His parents died in a horrific accident and he is left to fend for himself, living alone and working at the local library. He meets a cute little punk girl, Josie, to whom he divulges his secret. He follows people and spies on them. He tells her of this one couple, who comes into the library often to take out the same book over and over. He decides to follow them home one day and see what their deal is.
Unfortunately, Alex gets caught, but strangely enough, the couple asks him to stay. As it turns out, Alex reminds them of their son Timmy, who died of a degenerative bone disease. This is where the movie takes a serious twist. As the beginning of a descent into total insanity, the couple becomes convinced that Alex is a reincarnation of their dead son. I mean, seriously these people make comparison lists, brush his hair in the same way, and test this poor bastard to prove that he is in fact, Timmy.
I can't really give away too many more details without spoiling the movie, but if you have a strong stomach (and nerve), this is definitely one to check out. I found myself literally on the edge of my couch and squirming around for the majority of this movie. A real gem in the independent horror landscape.
Grade A (Stephen King's Misery: Shit is scary when psychos lock in you their house and lay their insanity on you)


Jeremy Sambuca said...

This is a creepy movie and I am still scared.