Sunday, November 23, 2008

Somebody Help Me (2007)

This is probably the first horror movie I've ever seen with a predominantly African-American cast. It was kind of the opposite of the horror movie with the "token black guy" - in fact, there were just token white people in this movie.

Somebody Help Me is about a group of friends who travel up to somebody's uncle's cabin for one of the girls' 21st birthday. Pretty much everyone's goal for this weekend is to get drunk and have sex, which we all know are the worst ideas ever when it comes to horror movies.

We start off with the people on the cover (see left) -- Brendan, Darryl, Kimmy, and Serena. They hang out and get settled in, and their six friends (also couples as well) join them. They all party and take a bunch of pictures and then they're all ready for sex. Two of the white couples take off into the woods (?!) to get it on, while everyone else stays inside.

Apparently some people were supposed to wait up for those who wandered off, but obviously everyone passed out after being wasted and engaging in some bedroom antics. So the three couples wake up in the morning to discover that their friends are...missing! The boys take off into the woods to look for them, but to no avail. They alert 5-0 and the stereotypical backwoods sheriff shows up to assist.

For the next 30 minutes of the movie, everyone kind of wanders around looking for their friends, all while losing another one in the process. They think it's this creepy guy next door, but they can't find any evidence of that. More people keep disappearing until we're down to the "stars" of the movie, Marques Houston and Omarion. They run into a creepy little girl who gives them some clues, and after a few run-ins with the sheriff's department and some creepy locals, they figure the whole thing out, find their friends, and the killer.

This movie was pretty boring. Having an all AA cast for a horror movie was a great idea, but not so well executed when it's just a warmed up version of every teenage horror movie ever made.

Grade: D- (J. Love screaming in the street in I Know What You Did Last Summer, bo. ring. and almost a parody of itself)