Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Are You Scared? (2006)

The writers of this movie must have literally seen the Saw series, rewrote it with crappier dialogue and the EXACT SAME PREMISE, and somehow sold it as a movie. Maybe they were hoping to capture the 0.00001% of horror fans that didn't catch the Saw series, which is blatantly released every Halloween like clockwork.

Are You Scared has a group of 20-somethings trapped in an abandoned warehouse. They're all really confused until they remember that they all tried out for this reality show about their worst fear. So, I guess don't investigate any further, this would be it!

Instead of Jigsaw/creepy tricycle puppet, a mysterious voice comes over the loudspeaker, belonging to a deformed middle aged dude in a control room. It's time for the games to begin! This group is complete with a totally annoying token black guy, whose stomach has been slashed open and bandaged...but he just figures it's part of the game (I bet MTV has some sort of disclosure for gaping abdomen wounds).

The first "game" is a direct ripoff of the surgically implanted key thing from the Saw series. Then to mix it up a bit, the next challenge involves twins (a boy and girl that act a little too close for comfort) and we basically get a replay of that drill to the head scene from Saw.

The games continue until one girl, the "hero" of the movie remains. There's a lot of running around and screaming, and it reveals that her worst fear is someone finding out her secret (dun dun dun) The twist is boring and sort of predictable and nowhere near the caliber of the first Saw.

Lesson learned from this movie: don't blantanly rip off scripts and try to pass them off as an original movie. Epic fail.

Grade: F (When A Killer Calls -- blatant and ridiculous copy of another better movie)


Jeremy Sambuca said...

Good review! What is the other movie where they enter the abandoned hospital? Isn't this similar?

The Scream Queen said...

No, that was Heartstopper. Not similar at all, really. This was pretty much just a rip off of Saw 2 where they're stuck in that abandoned house.