Saturday, August 2, 2008

Heartstopper (2006)

Well, as with most of my horror masterpieces, I picked this one out of the 4 for $20 rack at Blockbuster. Mainly, the draw for me was Robert Englund and serial killers.

The basis of the story is that this crazy serial killer is getting the death sentence. They shock the bastard a whole bunch of times and declare him dead. However...dun. dun. dun, he peaces out from the morgue and goes running around. Unfortunately for surrounding patients, they've brought this guy to hospital that is closing due to lack of funding or some such thing.

So the serial killer's schtick is that he pulls out the hearts of his victims and boom, they're dead. So he wastes poor Robert Englund and goes searching for the remaining few patients, as well as doctors and nurses left to tend to them.
Well, as general horror movie logic will tell you, everyone starts dying as supernatual-resistent-to-electric-chair dude keeps running around. Emergency room patients come in and the doctors are dead and the whole thing is a total shitshow.

This movie was okay for a gorefest. There's basically just killing and people running around. The ending is terrible, but it's the first time you'll see a TORNADO ruin things for a murderer as far as I can remember. Eh, check it out if you're bored.

Grade: D- (Fear Dot Com - okay if you need to kill a couple of hours, otherwise, generally worthless and forgettable)