Monday, April 28, 2008

The Ruins (2008)

I have to admit that I didn't go into this movie expecting too much. I was visiting my sister upstate and we wanted to have a few drinks and see something "fun" (which, in our case is more "The Devil's Rejects" than "The Devil Wears Prada") So we picked The Ruins, had a few beers, snuck in some snacks, and settled in.

The Ruins begins with several young co-eds enjoying a vacation on the beach in Mexico. All they've done all week is lay on the beach and get drunk, so they would like to do something a little more "adventurous" before heading back to the states.

Enter stage left Mathias, whose brother went off to an archaeological dig site with a girl a few days ago. Mathias is planning on going to look for his brother, and wouldn't this just make the perfect opportunity for their little adventure?

So the five of them pile in a random cab and head out to "the ruins." They get there and start looking for his brother and girlfriend, but they are nowhere to be found. And of course, in terrible-horror-movie-decision fashion, they all begin to investigate. Predictably, a host of problems ensue as we discover that the Ruins are somehow haunted, mostly by these crazy green vines. The group all gets trapped on the top of The Ruins with no food or water, and psychotic spirits all around.

Trying to up the ante on it's other toture-porn predecessors, this movie has a lot of gore for gore's sake. Apparentely it wasn't enough that I had to watch a chick's dangling eyeball get lobbed off in Hostel, but now I get to stomach a bizarre leg amptuation surgery, and a crazy girl digging into her skin with a rusty knife in order to rid herself of spirits.

Anyway, I think I'm going to check out this book, because I heard it was worth a read, but the movie will surely be relegated to the Blockbuster 4 for $20 bin shortly after release. Plus point: all the actors/actress are hot...when they're not slicing off limbs that is.

Grade: D- (The Grudge 2 - pretty much no reason for making the movie)