Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tourist Trap (1979)

So I must admit that I rented this movie for one reason only -- I read that it is Stephen King's all-time favorite horror movie. Due to the fact that my mom once made me ground beef and Spaghettios because she heard it was SK's favorite food (I have no idea if there's any truth to this), I felt obligated to watch this flick.

Tourist Trap is definitely a fun and creepy little movie. It begins when a young couples' car breaks down (isn't that always how it is?) and the boyfriend goes off in search of help, as the girlfriend stays behind. After a while, friends of the girl drive by and offer to help find her boyfriend, who has now been gone for quite some time.

So the group wanders off the highway onto some weird side road (obviously, bad idea) and happens upon this little roadside museum/gift shop that consequently offers hot springs to swim in. So, of course, the girls strip down and go swimming (wtf? weren't they looking for someone?) and the owner of this place (Mr Slausen, played by Chuck Connors) finds them, they explain they're looking for their friend, etc.

Through a few random turns of events, the group of friends all find out that the "tourist trap" and accompanying house are filled with deadly mannequins that come to life, as well as Mr. Slausen's crazy brother Davey. As it turns out, Davey delights in making humans into mannequins (another kind of wtf moment -- wouldn't the bodies rot inside?) and of course this group of poor young victims are left to evade the psycho Davey and killer mannequins.

This movie is definitely good for some campy giggles (you'll be laughing at "see my friend!" and "we're going to have a party" for quite some time) and the creepy factor on this movie is pretty high. The plot is pretty "eh" but the ending is a nice little twist. I recommend it for some fun, accompanied by a few cocktails and friends that would get a kick out of it as well.

Grade: C+ (Tina being dragged across the ceiling in Nightmare on Elm Street)